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"Transaction" Web Sites

What is a Transaction Web Site?

A "Transaction" web site is a Multi-page Web Site but with built in features to collect information from your customers and / or distribute that information via your web site. This is similar to the Data Driven Web Site but with the important difference that information can be collected in volume as well as distributed. The information collected is typically stored in a "database" for later use in your business. The information distributed typically comes from that same database or an existing source of data in your business (your inventory file, for example).

Who needs a Transaction Web Site?

A Transaction Based Web Site allows your customers to provide information to you in a format that makes it easy for you to utilize that information in your business. Any company that needs to collect any type of information from their customers or the public should consider using the web for a transaction web site. This information can then be interfaced to, and shared with, your existing business systems in an automated manner. An on-line catalog and ordering system is a popular example of a Transaction based web site although most any business system can be set up to utilize a web based interface.

Please note that if you only need to generate content dynamically and you do not need to collect large amounts of information from your customers, then the Data Driven Web Site may meet your needs at a lower overall cost. Also, some customers may have the need to collect only small amounts of data (e.g. names and addresses for a mailing list) and may require only a very light implementation of the Transaction Web Site model.

Transaction Web Site Features:

Professional graphical design with multiple web pages

Forms to collect information from your customers

Most site pages generated on the fly from dynamic content

Back end database to collect information

Back end database as source for web page content

Please note: This web package, like all web packages, requires you to register a domain name and purchase web hosting from us (preferably) or another firm. See our Domain Registration and Web Hosting overview for more information.

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