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What is an e-Commerce Web Site?

An e-commerce web site is designed for on-line selling. These sites feature from a few, to many, items for direct sale via the Internet.  E-commerce sites are connected to a payment interface (e.g. the ability to accept credit/debit cards for on-line payment).

Who needs an e-Commerce Web Site?

Any business that wants to sell items on-line needs an e-commerce site.

There are a variety of levels of complexity and varying capabilities built into e-commerce web sites. Depending on your needs and business, you can sell everything from tangible goods to downloadable software.

Development of an e-commerce web site requires development of a professional graphical appearance and a basic "multi-page web site" for the core portions of the web site. It then requires additional development to segue the design into a commercial e-commerce package. Following that development, the client's inventory/product information must be entered into the e-commerce package and the various business parameters defined (sales tax, shipping information, minimum order rules, etc).

As a result, e-commerce sites do typically cost more than sites without e-commerce features. You should also be aware that the monthly hosting costs are higher for e-commerce sites both due to the cost of the e-commerce software and due to the fact that e-commerce sites need a high level of support - both of which typically come at a slightly increased cost. Lastly, you must setup an Internet Merchant (Bank) Account so that payments that come from the e-commerce package can be credited back to your business bank account.

e-commerce Web Site Features:

Professional graphical design

Basic pages custom coded as with a multi-page web site

Product sale pages built on the fly from e-commerce system information

Ability to accept Credit Card payments for products

Basic accounting system to tracks orders, payments, and shipments

e-commerce Web Site Examples:


T-Shirt / Clothing Sales

Share the Love Clothing

Retail Cafe Sales

Sweet Bites Cafe (click "Shop" feature at site)

Caution: These are live, production sites. Anything you order from them will be charged to your credit card and shipped to your door.

Please note: This web package, like all web packages, requires you to register a domain name and purchase web hosting from us (preferably) or another firm. See our Domain Registration and Web Hosting overview for more information.

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