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"Data Driven" Web Sites

What is a Data Driven Web Site?

A Data Driven Web Site is a Multi-page Web Site but either the entire site or part of it is built on-the-fly from a "database" (computerized storage) of information. As your customers request pages from your web site, a custom program generates them from the information (page content) stored in the database.

Who needs a Data Driven Web Site?

This type of site is often best for businesses that need to have large volumes of information to present to their customers and potential customers. It is also best for web sites that have frequent changes to their web site information.

A Data Driven Web Site typically costs slightly more for the initial web development and programming. However, the advantage of a data driven site is that it allows for frequent changes and additions to the information served to your customers at minimal cost and typically with no additional web development required. It is best suited to business that will have large volume of dynamically changing information - so that the added initial development cost is offset in the future by reduced maintenance costs and by the benefit of being able to make very fast changes to the site.

If you need to collect large amounts of information from your customers dynamically as well as distribute it, you may need to consider the Transaction Based Web Site.

Data Driven Web Site Features:

Professional graphical design

Most or all pages generated on the fly from dynamic content

Back end database to allow for easy changes to deliverable content

Changes to content can be made without updating individual pages for cost savings

Please note: This web package, like all web packages, requires you to register a domain name and purchase web hosting from us (preferably) or another firm. See our Domain Registration and Web Hosting overview for more information.

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