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A Professional Graphics Web Site is a one page site. It is built by having our web designer and graphics artist design the artwork for a multi-page web site. However, with the Professional Graphic Web Site, we complete the development effort when the graphic design is completed. We then deploy that graphic/site as your one-page web site. You pay only for the artwork and a small amount of web development time.

As with the Business Card Web Site, this provides you with a way to establish a professional web presence but at a reduced cost. However, with the Professional Graphics Web Site, you get a very professional graphical appearance instead of a simple business card.

In addition, all of the graphical work that we do for this type of site can generally be reused if/when you move up to a Multi-page Web Site. With a few simple tweaks, we can usually adapt the graphics so that they can be used as the basis for a full site. None of your investment is lost and you are already halfway towards building a multi-page web site in the future.

Site Features:

One web page of professionally drawn, business appropriate graphics

All of your core business information listed

A linked email address for customers to click on and easily send you email

A way to establish a very professional web presence at reduced cost


Engineering Consultant

Moose Design and Consulting 1 (see below)

Disk Jockey

A Bell Production

1 Moose Design and Consulting has followed the expected path and very recently moved to a
multi-page web site. They were able to reuse the graphics from the Professional Graphics Site in it's entirety (as planned) and paid only for the additional development needed to move the existing artistic design to the full multi-page site.

Please note: This web package, like all web packages, requires you to register a domain name and purchase web hosting from us (preferably) or another firm. See our Domain Registration and Web Hosting overview for more information.

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