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"Business Card" Web Sites

What is a Business Card Web Site?

A Business Card Web Site is a one page site. It closely resembles your business card and provides the same basic information to your customers. This is our lowest cost web site option. It can be used as a "placeholder" for your site while we are developing your full site or it can be used as a long-term web site.

Who needs a Business Card Web Site?

This type of web site will provide you with a basic web presence located at a professional domain name that befits your business. It also will allow you to use a professional email address such as "my_name@my_business.com" as opposed to a less professional name such as "something@verizon.net" A Business Card Web Site provides you with a professional appearance, at a minimal cost.

Business Card Web Site Features:

One web page resembling your business card with basic business information

A linked email address on the page for customers to click on and easily email to you

An professional web address and professional email address(s)

An inexpensive way to establish your web presence

Business Card Web Site Examples:


Electrical Contractor

Bogan Electric

Commercial Financing

Atlantic Funding

Certified Public Accountant

Hoff CPA

Please note: This web package, like all web packages, requires you to register a domain name and purchase web hosting from us (preferably) or another firm. See our Domain Registration and Web Hosting overview for more information.

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